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PachiOps Plutonium COD Servers


PachiOps requires the use of Plutonium Launcher to play.
Our Servers will primarily host Zombies games on various maps and settings.

PachiOps Tranzit 8 Player PachiOps Tranzit PachiOps Origins PachiOps Nuketown PachiOps Mob of The Dead PachiOps Die Rise PachiOps Buried

Discord:  PachiPatch, Hosted by CyaOnDaNet

Plutonium Launcher
Game: Black Ops II Zombies, T6
Navigate to Server Browser
*Party System is not compatible with Plutonium.
Server Names: PachiOps [Map_Name/Detail]Password: PachiOpsPassword (if needed)

PachiOps IW4MAdmin Page and Stats

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