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Modded Minecraft Server

Engimatica 6 Expert – E6E PachiPatch’s Modded Minecraft Server. Running Engimatica 6 Expert, 1.16.5 mod pack because we have so much free time! Open to all PachiPatch members and friends....

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Delta Squad Minecraft

Age of Engineering Delta Squad’s Main Minecraft Server. Running Age of Engineering, 1.10.2 mod pack. Open to members of Delta Squad. Server Status Uptime Details Details Mods Version History Server...

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V Rising Server

This Server is configured for the vanilla experience of V Rising See below for Join Details and current server Settings. 🧛 Become Dracula! 🧛

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Delta Squad Empyrion Server

← Empyrion, Games Private Server Hosted on Delta Squad Discord. How to join: Join Delta Squad Discord. Please respect their rules and structure. – Learn more about Delta Squad and other featured...

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New Announcements Channel!

This will auto funnel posts from like this and possibly other sources.Members can post any other Announcements they wish to as well! – Birthdays.– Project and Event Announcements.– Anything...

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