Empyrion: Galactic Survival

Empyrion – Galactic Survival is a 3D open world space sandbox survival adventure. Build powerful ships, mighty space stations and vast planetary settlements to explore, conquer or exploit a variety of different planets and discover the mysteries of Empyrion!

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  • v1.9.2 Hotfix
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!We have made some optimizations (for CPU, RAM & VRAM usage) & some other fixes.Please check out our feedback forums and use the pinned threads:https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/Any bug reports please post directly to our bug forum:https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/Changes: Optimizations have been done for CPU, RAM & VRAM usage which should show less overall usage when in game […]
  • v1.9.2 Experimental
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!We have made some optimizations for CPU, RAM & VRAM usage when in game that we would like to make available to you to try out & some other fixes that have been done in the past week.====2023-01-10 v1.9.2 B4016Fixes: Fix for SMG scope transparency====2023-01-10 v1.9.2 B4015Changes: NPC weapons ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer & ZiraxShotgunPlayer damage […]
  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from Eleon Game Studios!🎄🎅
  • 📢Empyrion Galactic Survival - Update 1.9 has been released!!
    📢Empyrion Galactic Survival - Update 1.9 has been released and is available for all our players! 🚀😎🎉In case you are not sure what the update contains, check out the release trailer!
  • v1.9.1 Hotfix
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!We have a small patch ready to address a regression that has been found.2022-12-22 v1.9.1 B4013 Fixes: Revert of a fix that has caused a regression with fuel getting removed Exception spam on login to old savegame in MPEAH: https://eah.empyrion-homeworld.net/download/patch-notes-emp-admin-helper-full
  • v1.9 Patch
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!Welcome to the public release of update 1.9!What could be more natural than to check your wardrobe and bring it up to scratch, while days are getting colder outside - not only on Ningues. 😉 How you do it in the real world is up to you. For Empyrion, we've done it for […]
  • v1.9 Experimental RC
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!We have some more fixes & changes to add for v1.9 Experimental:2022-16-12 v1.9 B4012Changes: Some changes have been made for player avatar & some new body types were added: Average, Short, Tall, Curvy, Heroic. Improved escape pod fx Weapons container/trader corrections, Pulse/Assault RifleT2 removed from containers, new weapons added to traders and containers […]
  • v1.9 Experimental III
    Hi Galactic Survivalists!We are going into the last experimental round of version 1.9. If no more major issues are found, the general release will take place in the middle of next week!Of course we will continue to work on the reported issues. :)In the current update, some of your reported issues have already been fixed.In […]
  • Have you all been good today? 😈🎅 Santa is already warming up ... 😅 !
  • v1.9 Experimental II
    Hello Galactic Survivalists!The second Experimental Phase for Update 1.9 is here! Besides improvements and bugfixes, there are some new things that we ask you to put through their paces.We have adjusted the AI in two areas. First, AI factions can now fight other AI factions directly when they meet in a playfield.Secondly, we have created […]


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