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Valheim Server [Coming Soon]

PachiPatch Valheim

This Server is configured for the vanilla experience with some quality of life mods. See below for Join Details and current server Mods.



🟢 Status Page Coming Soon 🔴

Discord:                PachiPatch
Hosted by:            Jongle & CyaOnDaNet via Nighthawk Services

⚠️  This Server is running with mods, which will be required to join

Server Address:               val.pachipatch.com
Thunderstore Mods:   018f9e88-1737-e073-aa8b-7b4d97b0ffae
Enter this code into Thunderstore to load the mods to join the server

Download Thunderstore


BepInExPack_Valheim v5.4.2202 by denikson

UseEquipmentInWater v0.2.4 by LVH-IT

AutoRepair v5.4.1602 by Tekla

CraftFromContainers v2.2.1 by EoN

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