This server hosts several game servers, meet-ups, discussion threads, and hobby channels. Welcome to all friends and friends of friends!

– See Game Library for A list of games we like to play together

– See below for a few of the Featured Channels that we have synchronized with

Featured Discord Channels



Our Discord features a feed of YouTube and Twitch content from our members who have opted to share on our server.



Most games roles will have their updates posted to this channel.


This is a live collaborative playlist created with our favorite songs shared in our Discord's #music channel. Now reaching over 24 hours in playtime!

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Do It Yourself Projects of PachiPatch Members #diy notallama’s Weather Channel PachiPatch Florida Man Makes DIY Weather Station! Read More #diy Project Luneth luneth27 Spotify Related Artist Network Full Screen Spotify-Related-Artist-Scraping Using Spotipy and… Read...

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More Featured Servers

‘s Shared Media Library packed full of content.

Content Requests, Custom Notifications for New Content, & Movie Club.

@Brometheus’s server for all your animal needs and memes.

F L U F F enabled.
Personal FLUFFS too.

@CT3164 and friend’s Server categorized by game of interest.

Toggleable sub-channels per game with News and Server Lists. Occasionally Hosts a Minecraft and/or Empyrion Server.