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Modded Minecraft Server [OFFLINE]

Engimatica 6 Expert – E6E

Tekh’s Modded Minecraft Server. Running Engimatica 6 Expert, 1.16.5 mod pack because we have so much free time!
Open to all PachiPatch members and friends.


1. PvP is ok
2. Looting is ok, but be ready for repercussions
3. No player structure griefing 
4. Creating factions and alliances through FTB is encouraged
5. Try not to dye

This server is

Server Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
Updated at 9:45 PM

Server Address:  tekmc.pachipatch.com
Version:              Java 1.16.5 Engimatica 6 Expert
Discord:             PachiPatch
Hosted by:         Tekhnetosman
Download:         Curseforge

354 Mods

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October 15, 2022: World Started 
March 15, 2023:   Taken Offline

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