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PachiPatch World 5 | 1.20-1.21 Server [Current]

PachiPatch [1.20-1.21]

Bamboo Stuff, Camels, Pink Trees and that Sniffer Guy! (and more weird things!)

Our Main Server hosts a few Plugins to Enhance the Survival Experience. See a full list of features below!

Server Welcome to all PachiPatch Members and Friends!

Cross Platform Support!

Link your accounts to play as the same user
> link.geysermc.org <
 Or keep them separate for 2 Accounts

Server Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up Minecraft - PachiPatch Vanilla 94.322 %
Updated at 1:25 PM

Same Server, Join From Anywhere!

Discord:                PachiPatch
Hosted by:            Jongle & CyaOnDaNet via Nighthawk Services

Java Edition

Server Address:    mc.pachipatch.com
Version:                Java 1.21.x PaperMC (Joinable Through 1.8-1.21.x Vanilla)

Bedrock Edition (Mobile, Console & Windows Edition)
Server Address:    mc.pachipatch.com
Port:                     19132
Version:                Bedrock 1.21.x (Must be the latest avaliable version)
*Bedrock will be temporarily unavailable after new updates.


🛡️  Server Security (Joining for the First Time)
To secure our server from griefing, you must be a member of PachiPatch Discord to join.
Upon joining the Minecraft Server for the first time, you will be prompted with a verification code. Send this Code to our Discord Bot PachiServers to link your account.
(Only One Player can be linked per Discord Account)
Now join the world again to start playing!
For help, please ask a Mod on Discord.

Full Screen View


*Some plugin information will also be available at the spawn center

Changes to Mineraft’s Behavior

allow-permanent-block-break-exploits: true
allow-piston-duplication: true

Added Feature Plugins

Brewery (Alcholol Potions)
Discord SRV (Discord Chat Integration and Security)
Bluemap (Live 3D Map View: mc.PachiPatch.com)
Wuufus Waypoints (Server and Personal Teleport Waypoints)
(Simple 1 Player Sleep)
Death Location (Puts Death Coords in Chat)
Gyser/Floodgate (Bedrock Support)
Paper Tweaks (Vanilla Tweaks)
 – armored-elytra
 – confetti-creepers (Chance of)
 – xp-management
 – silence-mobs
 – more-mob-heads
 – double-shulker-shells
 – player-head-drops
 – coordinates-hud
 – player-graves
 – track-raw-stats
 – persist-head-data
 – real-time-clock
 – nether-portal-coords
 – track-stats
 – afk-display
 – durability-ping
 – wanderingtrades
 – workstationhighlight

Admin/Moderation Plugins

MOTD (Simple Welcome Message)
World Guard

Server Launch  – –   June 21, 2023  –  1.20.1 PaperMC
September 24, 2023  –  1.20.2 PaperMC
December 26, 2023  –  1.20.4 PaperMC
July 17, 2024  –  1.21.0 PaperMC


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