Delta Squad

Delta Squad 1.16.5

Delta Squad’s Main Server. Running All the Mods 6, 1.16.5 mod pack. Open to members of Delta Squad.

Server Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
down Delta Squad Minecraft 84.801 %
Updated at 5:09 PM

Server Address:    delta.pachipatch.com
Version:                Java 1.16.5 - All the Mods (MultiMC)
Discord:               Delta Squad, Hosted by schnip
Download:           GitHub, CursedForge

Direwolf20's 1.12 (World Retired)

Direwolf20's 1.16 (World Retired: August 27, 2021)

All The Mods 6 - 1.16.5 (Started October 14, 2021)

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